Quality Management

Quality ManagementThe basic principle to embrace so as to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain sustainability is to adopt the total quality mindset.

Therefore, the working principles of all departments have been determined in a way to allow continuous improvement of product and service quality.  Manufacture of products at desired quality with optimum use of resources, working towards increasing efficiency continuously, ensuring customer and staff satisfaction are each, objectives of such an understanding of quality.

Holding the international quality certificates that are valid in the sector is of great importance so that the products offered to the clients are of homogeneous quality. While Kırpart holds the most valid certificates the sector requires, it is also the winner of many quality standard awards by national and international automobile manufacturers.

Quality Principles:

  • To ensure absolute customer satisfaction
  • To reduce production costs and accordingly, improve  competitiveness and profitability ,
  • To ensure that products and services reach clients in a timely fashion and safely.
  • Acting on the zero-error principle, to minimize the amount of wastes from our production cycle and to contribute to better use of  limited earth resources,
  • To maximize  efficiency as much as possible through continuous and driven work,
  • To continuously improve product and service quality in line with advancements and innovations in technology.