Design Capabilities

Design CapabilitiesKırpart engineers work on the most appropriate design in terms of dimensions and functions through design FMEA analyses according to the client' specifications . The entire development and design processes are supervised through check lists and action time plans to ensure timely completion with zero deficiency.

Kırpart Engineering is composed of solid modeling programs which are well-accepted by the key industry today and a team that is capable of applying these programs with aptitude and precision.  The design achieved through computer-assisted modeling and analyses is submitted to the approval of the client after preliminary prototype trials.

The process of design validation starts following the approval of the client.  Preparation of the prototype to achieve what is nearest to serial production outputs requires a heavily detailed and a diligent performance.  Prototypes thus manufactured are then subjected to a series of tests in an environment which offers conditions that are closest to a real engine.  FMEA analyses starting from the initial design stage are continuously updated and continued in parallel with these developments.

When tests are completed successfully, the manufacturing of serial production molds, fixtures and equipment commences.

A preliminary serial production is performed under serial production conditions in order for the final adjustments to be completed. Manufactured products also have to pass the final tests. Following these approval processes, serial production starts.