Message From General Manager

Automotive sector is Turkey’s leading sector in terms of exports; where the automotive supplier industry plays a critical role. The advanced manufacturing technology, young and qualified manpower, geographically advantageous location , as well as the cost benefits place Turkey in a position that is of global significance.

However, from this level on, going further ahead and generating more value added for the country are only possible by focusing on R&D and invest in technologies. Institutionalization, branding and getting our sub-sector to embrace this culture are also equally important.

With this view, Kırpart thrives and conjoins its 45 years of expertise with cutting-edge production technologies and R&D efforts to best accomplish its mission to take the Turkish automotive supplier industry higher on the international platform. Our company holds a privileged position on the international automotive mainstream thanks to our patented solutions and we have already attained a market share of 7% with our engine thermostats, over the total number of vehicles produced globally. Our products are exported to the most prominent global vehicle manufacturers from Brazil to China.

What we have so far accomplished motivates us for even greater targets, with the responsibility and the mission to serve as an example as the sector-leader in Turkey. We have gotten thus far thanks to our suppliers, who have performed no less than team members, our clients who trusted us, together we call them "Business Partners" and of course our employees whom our most valuable assets. Similarly from this point on, they will continue to provide us with great stamina and our investments on R&D and our workforce shall incrementally continue.


Şahin Saylık
Member of the Board and General Manager