Kırpart Honored by PSA Group

This week is an important milestone of Kirpart’s history. One of the major global automotive players French PSA Group Honored Kirpart at Supplier Awards 2017. Kirpart won the Best Plant Award this year. PSA Group organizes this event thirteenth year in a row. Kirpart is the only company builded on 100% Turkish domestic capital. Kirpart produces thermostates, watre and oil pumps and HPDC parts for automobiles and trucks. The factory based on Turkey and owns logistics and marketing operations at four continents.

PSA Group which owns Peugeot and Citroen brands, rewarded Kirpart for it’s commitment and the quality of their responses to the requirements of Groupe PSA. Kirpart’s “Best Plant of the Year" award, which recognises PSA’s suppliers' industrial sites having achieved exceptional industrial performance levels. This event is also the opportunity to praise the performance and industrial excellence of the Kirpart’s manufacturing plant which meet the Group's quality requirements, from the production of the vehicle to the hand-over of the keys to the end customer.

General Manager of Kirpart Mr. Sahin Saylik attended the ceremony at Paris and took the award in the name of Kirpart from Supplier Quality % Development Senior Vice President Mr. Frank Michel at July 12th. Kirpart supplies PSA 1.2 Puretect engine with water pumps which’s R&D processes maanged by Kirpart R&D team. During the 19th international Engine of the Year Awards in Stuttgart, an international jury of journalists awarded the prize of 2017 “Engine of the Year” to the 1.2L 3-cylinder turbo PureTech gasoline engine in the 1L to 1.4L category. The engine is generally called performant and environment friendly engine of it’s category.