Kıraça Holding

Kıraça Holding which was established by İnan Kıraç and Claude Nahum under the name "Kıraça Group of Companies" in 1998 engages in activities in automotive, independent after-market, design-engineering, marine industry and energy sectors.

The company that was established so as to return the surplus-capacity idle investments in the Turkish automotive sector to the Turkish economy as a value, to organize the fragmented structure in independent spare parts market through a new marketing and distribution model and to carry out activities in the field of international trade, has proven its power and successes in a short period of time. Kıraça Holding continues its uninterrupted growth with a staff of field-specialists as well as together with other companies of the group.

The 'Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation' which İnan Kıraç, one of the founders of Kıraça Holding, and his wife Suna Kıraç established together is another reflection of the achievements of Kıraça Holding in industry and trade on the Foundatioın's initiatives in education, culture, art and health. Pera Museum and Istanbul Research Institute are affiliates of the Foundation.


Karsan was established in Bursa in 1966 to carry out activities in the field of commercial vehicle production in Turkey. It is the only and the first automotive manufacturer of Turkey which produces for multiple brands.


Karland was established in 1999. Karland, which has become the most powerful and institutionalized company in automotive after-market has become the powerhouse and a symbol of trust in the sector and,providing the Turkish market with such products the quality of which has been certified internationally.


Kırpart A.Ş. which is the leading firm in Turkey in the design and production of engine components has been offering services to the leading and global Key Sectoral Automobile Manufacturers since 1969. With long years of business experience,, its specialized engineering staff innovative and dynamic structure, Kırpart has been specialized in the fields of design, development and manufacturing of engine components such as thermostats and oil and water pumps.

Sirena Marine

In November of 2006, following the agreement with Azimut-Benetti, the world-famous motor yacht manufacturer, the Sirena Marine Denizcilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established. The company is also the distributor of Azimut motor yachts.

Hexagon Studio

Hexagon Studio is a Turkish firm which was established in order to provide the national and international automotive sub and key industries with design and engineering services, as well as to meet the engineering and design needs of its clients in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East, with its strong and experienced staff.

Hexagon Global

Hexagon Global Energy Kaynakları (Energy Resources) was established in partnership with Hexagon and Kıraça to reduce Turkey's dependence on foreign-resources in energy as well as to ensure low-emission energy generation through the use of rich renewable energy resources of our country such as wind and solar energy.